Localized text converts better

Localized text converts better

localized text, conversion, text, seoLocalized text refers to content that is written with a specific geographical area in mind. That means the content has references to the local community’s culture  and any other relevant detail that a person from that area would recognize as being a detail from his or her locality. SEO best practices recommend content be localized, where possible. For brands looking to reach out to a broad global audience, localization might not be an efficient technique. For small and medium businesses it is important to make sure that the text on a web page is unmistakably localized.

SEO Considerations for Localized text 

There are three main reasons why you need to localize your text. One is because search engines want to provide the most relevant results. To do this, they track the geographical location of a user. And also try to provide results which are closely related to the person’s geographical location. That is the reason why Google results for any keyword in the US will be different from results for the exact same keyword in Australia. In fact, there are keywords whose results differ from town to town, such that results in Manchester will be different from those in London for the same search phrase. If you are targeting users in Manchester  you have to keep in mind that any search engine will show results that are best suited for the people there. Localizing you text for that audience region gives you a chance of ranking higher.

Cutting off some competition – Localized text 

localized text, conversion, text, seoThe second reason is because of competition. Some keywords are very competitive globally. Others are highly competitive in some regions. It is possible that in your target region, your keyword is not as competitive. By no defining your text as distinctly local, you are competing with others who probably have put more money and effort into the same keyword you want to rank for. The phrase ‘light raincoats’ might be competitive globally but ‘light raincoats in Hull City’ might not be. By adding a local element, you cut your competition and add relevance.

Text localization is crucial where the target audience is well defined. This simple technique could save you money and time, while boosting your exposure and conversion.