The importance to catch the tone of voice in translations

The importance to catch the tone of voice in translations

The tone of voice represents the nature of your casino business, which comes through in your words regardless of whether they are written or spoken. As a translator, it is your obligation to listen keenly and capture the tone of voice exactly as the speaker or writer expresses it. This is due to the fact that their tone of voice represents their personality and the image of their products and services. It is therefore important to catch the tone of voice in translations.

For instance, if a client wants you to translate the information that it is offering free spins today, translate it as it is in their desired language. Keep your sentences brief and straight to the point to avoid too many errors and mistranslations. Second, avoid using slang words and colloquialisms, which may translate negatively when communicating to global markets. Understand that a single slang word might have a completely different meaning from one country or location to another.

Outline key translation consideration per target country

The right tone of voice in translations outlines the key discrepancies in various countries’ values, religions, cultures, and traditions. As a casino writer, you should consider the latter differences when translating casino information for specific target markets or countries. For instance, if India is the key market for your client’s brand, ensure you portray the image to the entire community with regard to their beliefs. This can be achieved by expressing yourself with images or colours that the Indian players are familiar with.


It is important to ensure that the tone of your translation makes sense to players and the client as well. If it does, then it will gather the right perception and draw traffic into the casino, which makes for a well-represented casino brand. Before submitting translated work to your client, ensure that your work has been proofread by a different person. In case of any doubts, keep constant communication with the client in order to clarify any questions regarding the translation material.