SEO and good content work together

SEO and good content work together

To some people, SEO is an art and to others a science. There is blabber and confusion on the internet as people try to fashion definitions of exactly what SEO is, and money is lost to snake-oil sales men peddling the latest tricks. SEO is about ranking high for a keyword or key phrase to boots exposure on search engines. Of course everyone wants to rank on page one of the behemoth search engine Google. How you get there is not an exact science because the big G keeps changing its ranking algorithm to beat the unethical hackers.

Uncertainty about SEO

Google and other search engines keep changing their search algorithms. The reason for that is to keep readers getting information that is most relevant to the users. Google is about the end user. While many businesses complain that changing algorithms frustrates their ranking efforts, it has to be kept in mind that Google only cares about providing the best user experience to the person keying in the search phrase. Everything else is secondary.seo, content, seo content, good content

The only constant of SEO

It then makes sense that the only sure way to rank highly on Google is by providing information that users for your appointed key words and key phrases find useful. Do that and you are well on your way to SEO happy land. Unfortunately, there are millions of web pages that can potentially provide a generally acceptable search result.

That is precisely why you need to provide undeniable value. Flash videos and cool graphics are great, but users mainly search in text. For that reasons, your text must be relevant and well written.

Content and SEO – kings

seo, content, seo content, good contentWell written content wins every time. Any technical SEO starts with the canvas of a well written web page. Google tends to prefer content that is well-organized, rich in information, and engaging to the user. If users click your web page then leave after a few seconds, Google’s algorithms decide that your content is not engaging enough and rank you lower. It then makes sense that content must be succinct and engaging. Anything below 400 words is unlikely to rank highly for competitive terms because it is unlikely to contain the depth of information that can keep a user engrossed.

Algorithms and SEO techniques

Algorithms and different techniques will keep changing as search engines look for the best way through which to provide the highest utility to their users. The only thing that will remain constant is the value of well-written content. Start with that and you will be head and shoulders above the rest.